Welcome to Wiki Wunala!

As a young spotter in the 1990s I was always thrilled to see a colourful aircraft show up on final... since then the interest slowly shifted to the special liveries, and I've been collecting pictures and data about these different schemes for many years now. This website aims at sharing that data and illustrating it with the help of friends and fellow spotters from all over the world.

With the number of special schemes unveiled every year reaching all-time highs, the idea is to build a reference database where all specials are documented, so we aviation enthusiasts can keep track of them all, compare old and new designs, monitor which schemes have been retired and remember beautiful designs from the past.

You probably think the task is huge, and it is... I estimate there are around 3'000 schemes which comply with my criteria! Reaching an almost exhaustive database will take time but it is a long-running project I'm commited to!

Project Progress

An estimated 51% of all Specials covered.

Right now there are very few airlines for which the listing is fairly complete, however you can check out the AirAsia Group, Turkish Airlines, Sunwing or Brussels Airlines as examples.

Would like to contribute?
My mail address is olivier.mouhot@gmail.com

The criteria explained

The philoshophy: Special means unique and opposes to standard; special means there is a particular intention behind it. All in all the special part needs to stand out from a distance, and my threshold for that is nothing smaller than the size of a door of the aircraft. In order to keep the database at a reasonable size for the website to be readable and relevant I also decided to apply the following restrictions:

Restrictions on the operator:
it has to be in the general public transport business, which means:
- no military or governement-owned aircraft
- no historic aircraft
- no private aircraft
- no aircraft flown by operators for individuals
- no aircraft flying as demonstrators for a manufacturer

Note that for some airlines, standard does not mean identical : Braniff and their Solid Colors, Norwegian and their unique tails... however interesting these may be, they won't be included here because their uniqueness is standard! ^^

Restrictions on the aircraft:
- no aircraft having less than 20 seats
- no inactive aircraft

Restrictions on the livery:
- no partial/incomplete liveries
- no hybrid schemes between two or more airline liveries (intentional or accidental)
- no experimental liveries (which aim at becoming the new standard...)
- no virtual airline liveries (like the Smartwings livery on a Travel Service 737)
- no alliance liveries (sorry, too many, might add these at a later stage)
- no common additions (internet addresses, phone numbers, airline mottos)
- if the special livery is related to a specific aircraft type, it has to be mentionned clearly in the livery

Restrictions if the aircraft is flying with a special livery specifically because it is chartered by a third-party:
- no aircraft chartered by NGOs: UN (United Nations), Red Cross and so on
- no aircraft chartered for election campaigns
- no aircraft specifically chartered by a tour operator for a certain period of time